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Visionary Women's  Centre   

Turbo, Kenya, East Africa
Founder: Lizette Gilday

                                 Supporting Kenyan women & girls to survive and thrive                                                                              in their families and communities
There are two ways you can make a donation.
PAYPAL allows you to donate on line. It gives you the advantage of being able to set up monthly donations as well as one time donations.
MAIL-IN allows you to donate by mail.  You can send your contribution to:

                                                Visionary Women's Centre
                                    C/O  Lizette Gilday
                                    2220 Regent Avenue
                                    Montreal Qc.
                                    Canada H4A 2R1
Why you will not receive a tax receipt: Given the modest nature of this project we will not be applying for a non -profit charity status in Canada and thus will not be able to issue tax receipts. The cost of doing so and then maintaining the annual requirements for an audit both in Canada and Kenya would be considerably more than the annual budget for the centre which is $7000. As a result your decision to donate will have to be based on trust in me and “a generous act of the heart” for which we are very grateful.
We  have official status as a community group in Kenya and are registered with the Kenyan government, Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development as a Community Based Organization: Registration Number LUG-CBO-069175-2015.