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Visionary Women's  Centre   

Turbo, Kenya, East Africa
Founder: Lizette Gilday

                                 Supporting Kenyan women & girls to survive and thrive                                                                              in their families and communities

Lizette Gilday is a Canadian who lives in Montreal. She is a graduate of Mc Gill University holding both a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy as well as a Masters in Education in Counselling. She has worked for over thirty years as a Guidance Counsellor and Psychotherapist and is now semi-retired. She is the Founder of the Visionary Women’s Centre.

Her interest in grassroots, community based projects began in 2010 with her work for five years as the International Coordinator of the Children of Bududa Sponsorship Programme  which is a support program for AIDS orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda. It was during this time that the desire to create a women’s centre took

root. It was clear that there was an urgent need for women and girls in the community to receive support, information and services in order to reduce family size, increase maternal and family health, reduce death in childbirth and learn how to become more prosperous. The mounting evidence that in order to raise developing countries out of poverty it is essential to educate and support women and girls  confirmed her resolve.
Lizette began her counselling career at the Montreal Women’s Information and Referral Centre which she has used as a model for The Visionary Women’s Centre in Kenya. The centre opened its door in February of 2015. Lizette plans to spend two months every year in Kenya to oversee and assist with the development of the centre. There is a very competent Centre Director and Board of Direcotrs in Kenya and Lizette is in constant communication with them.

Centre Director

Benter Obonya is the Centre Director of the Visionary Women’s Centre in Kenya. She is a trained Social Worker and works part time for Ampah which is a programme funded by US-AID. This work entails overseeing community members who are HIV positive and are being treated with anti-viral drugs to control the disease. As a result of her work  Benter is well known and respected in the community and has a large network of contacts in the social, medical and educational services. She also volunteers to give trauma healing and leadership workshops throughout East Africa for the Great Lakes Peace Initiative.
We are very blessed to have Benter at the head of our team. She brings  solid management skills, integrity and commitment to her work. She has a loving and generous heart and likes to take on a challenge. It is Benter who chose our name The Visionary Women’s Centre and she worked hard to research the best way to proceed and how to set up our official Community Based Organization (CBO). She recruited our Board of Direcors and found us the office in which  to house our centre.

The Management Committee

Our committee is made up of volunteers of dedicated and enthusiastic professionals from the Turbo area. When their schedules allow they give their time to work with Benter in the community. They have the respect and contacts  within the community to build support and good standing for the Visionary Women’s Centre.
Note: Please stand by for the names & individual biographies  and of our committee members.